Serpentine Hot Springs and early Alaskans

Archaeologists think spear points found near Serpentine Hot Springs were dropped about 12,000 years ago, at a time when a rising sea level drowned the Bering Land Bridge.

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Faculty & Staff

Featured photo of the week

Chancellor Brian Rogers throws the first watermelon from the top of the Gruening Building on Thursday afternoon, kicking off Springfest 2015 on the Fairbanks campus.

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Arctic Council ministerial meeting to be webcast

The University of Alaska Fairbanks will host a welcome event and viewing of the 9th Ministerial Meeting of the Arctic Council in Iqaluit, Canada, on April 24. The welcome event will take place in the Murie Building auditorium and begin at 9:30 a.m.

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Fanfest will celebrate NCAA Rifle Championship

The first-ever NCAA Rifle Championship Fanfest will be held March 13 from noon-8 p.m. in the Patty Center during the first day of competition at the E.F. Horton Rifle Range.

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Outdoor Adventures offers summer courses

Looking to gain a new outdoor skill this summer or brush up an old one? UAF Outdoor Adventures is offering three summer courses that can help.

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Something to say

After 40 years of intermittent, painstaking work, Edna MacLean’s dictionary of Iñupiaq words contains more than 19,000 entries. The dictionary doesn’t explain just words. It also helps explain a people’s culture and way of life.

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